Person centred care lies at the heart of what we do, and both our office workers and carers all understand this principle. We want to ensure that you receive an individual care plan, so that you can retain your independence for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have the same carer every day?

We aim to ensure that your care teams are small, meaning you will get familiar with the same carers who know your routines, personal care and support needs.

However, depending upon carers’ availability, holiday, sickness where this will require emergency cover, we will always make sure you are informed.

Do you support people with dementia?

Yes, we as dementia friends supporters believe it is important to educate society about dementia, and also to support people with dementia so that they have quality of life.

As part of yearly mandatory training, all our staff receive dementia training so that they can support people in a positive way to live fulfilling lives despite their condition.

Do you support people with medication and creams?

Yes, all our carers are trained in medication protocols and follow strict guidance from the issuing pharmacy and GP. This ensures that all your medication support needs are done safely and with your consent.

Can you help me with meals and drinks?

Yes, as part of our caring role we will actively support healthy meals and drinks for you. This will include diet-specific requirements if agreed with a GP / dietitian.

We can also produce monitoring plans to help other healthcare professionals monitor your health to make sure you are eating and drinking your recommended daily amounts.

Do you provide domestic support?

Yes, we do offer some domestic services as part of your care and support needs. However, our primary role is that of managing your healthcare needs. This will always remain key in our care-giving role to you.

Can you help look after my pets?

We understand how important pets are.  We can support you by helping to walk your dog, feed your cat, or taking your pet to the vets.

Can you help me get to appointments?

Yes, we understand that having GP appointments is very important and our staff will support you to get there, ensuring that you’re safe and well upon return.

Equally, we can also support you in getting to other appointments you may have in your local community.

Can you help me if I’m coming out of Hospital?

Yes we can. The hospital will want to know that you have appropriate care at home, and that’s where we come in. It’s also proven that many people recuperate better in their own home, so we’re keen to help.

We don’t currently offer specialist medical support, like changing dressings and catheters, or administering injections. However, we can help keep your home clean and tidy, and ensure you’re getting enough liquids and the right nutrition, as well as enough rest.

Can you help me with paying bills and money management?

We would always encourage family and friends to be involved in your financial matters. However, subject to assessment, staff receive training in handling money and valuables.

Subject to a very detailed assessment, our staff can help you with regards to paying bills, and making contact with suppliers to ensure you don’t get distressed by this task.

Do you provide care 24 hours a day?

Yes, we provide care from 6am – 10pm, Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays.

After 10pm, we can offer waking nights cover, and sleep-in support for you and your loved ones, ensuring they are safe and well cared for.

How much do you charge?

Depending upon your care needs, charges and levels of support vary based upon assessments. These will be discussed in detail, and if you are required to pay for your care a contract is drawn up and signed to show transparency in our services. You are only charged for the care you receive, and you will have regular invoices and records to show the care that has taken place.